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McCloskey Helps Chapman Scale Mountain of Waste

Customer Testimonial

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Paul Chapman praises McCloskey Equipment

A Warwickshire-based plant hirer is using a McCloskey R105 high energy screener to convert damaged concrete blocks into valuable new blocks for sale by Bardon Aggregates.

Paul Chapman & Sons, a plant hirer specialising in the supply of crushing and screening equipment, is using a high energy screener from McCloskey Equipment to help one of the UK's leading aggregates producers convert damaged or broken concrete blocks into valuable new blocks. The highly productive, 23 tonne machine is allowing Chapman to control the consistency of the recycled aggregates used, ensuring that the new blocks meet Bardon Aggregates' exacting standards.

Founded in 1982, Nuneaton-based Paul Chapman & Sons has grown into an impressive specialist plant and crusher hire company by providing a mobile crushing service to numerous Midlands quarries. Rather than invest in capital equipment that will only be used for part of the year, these quarries prefer to stockpile material until there is enough to warrant the hire of crushing and screening equipment from Chapmans.

However, this often means that the crushing and screening machinery is working flat-out for weeks, even months at a time, before being moved to another quarry. Such was the case on a regular contract with Bardon Aggregates at Croft Quarry near Leicester.

“When our machinery arrived on site, we were faced with mountains of waste concrete blocks to be crushed and screened into very specific sizes”, explains site manager Simon Moss. “We shifted literally thousands of tonnes of recycled material. The rejected or damaged blocks have to be crushed to 75 mm and then screened to 15 mm, 5 mm and fine fractions. The screened material is then recycled into new blocks.” In fact, Moss reports that around 85 percent of the material in the new blocks is from recycled material. However, this material has to be very precisely sized. “That's why we have the McCloskey R105 in our production line,” Moss asserts. “We have even installed a 5 mm screen with finer wires to prevent clogging with wet material, which has worked perfectly.”

Custom Modifications

This particular screen was purchased over a year ago when managing director Paul Chapman visited McClockey's factory in Ireland to see it demonstrated. Chapman was sufficiently impressed to place an order for the machine with some custom additions including modified walkways and extra guarding. McCloskey duly completed the work and the screener has been happily working in England ever since.

“It's certainly better than our original screeners, much stronger and better thought out,⤷ Paul Chapman says. “It's simple to use and there are lots of little things like the double tank fillers and the roomy engine compartment that just make maintenance and servicing so much easier.”

Although he is clearly impressed with the build quality, ease of maintenance and service back-up provided by McCloskey Equipment, it is the sheer productivity of the R105 that is finding favour with Paul Chapman at Bardon Aggregates.

“We are scheduled to process about 350 tonnes of finished product a day, but it is unusual to find we are doing less than 500 tonnes,” he concludes. “We obviously like the screen or we wouldn't have ordered our second one a couple of months ago.”