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McCloskey Puts Killoughery On Screen

Customer Testimonial

McCloskey Puts Killoughery On Screen

The Four M Secret of Sivyer Success.

A pair of McClockey S190 high energy screens are spearheading an Essex-based company's increasing presence in the construction and demolition waste recycling business. Killoughery Group is using the two 31.0 tonne units to achieve high product quality and increased throughput at four depots across the South of England.

Multi-discipline waste management, skip hire and groundworks company Killoughery Group has stepped up its construction and demolition waste recycling business with the purchase of a second McCloskey S190 high energy, track-mounted, vibrating screen.

Founded as a haulage company in 1965 by George Killoughery, the Killoughery Group has diversified into waste management, plant hire, skip hire, demolition, groundworks, ready mix and road construction. Based in Purfleet, Essex, it is still owned and run by the Killoughery family, but now has four depots located throughout the South of England.

With expansion into the demolition and associated recycling industries, the Group has invested in specialised equipment to maximise the reclamation and reuse of construction and demolition waste materials. As well as their own crushing plant, Killoughery has a variety of screening equipment, the most recent of which is a second McCloskey S190 triple deck screen, recently seen in action at Crayford in Kent, where it was sorting the remains of a demolished former BP coating plant.

Grading & Cleaning

The nine hectare site contained several thousand tonnes of unsegregated crushed 75 mm demolition material that the developers wanted removed at short notice. Site Manager Dave England realised it was pointless moving the material in its current state and brought in the S190 to grade and clean the material. Powered by a fuel-efficient and emissions compliant diesel engine developing 93 kW, the McCloskey S190 features a 6.10 x 1.52 metre upper screen box and a 5.49 x 1.52 metre bottom screen box that each benefit from a high energy vibratory system that provides optimum screen throughput in a variety of materials and applications.

“The beauty of the S190 is the range of material it can process in one pass. At present we are processing a Type 1 material full of fines. By using the S190 we can clean that material whilst simultaneously producing an excellent 12, 20 and 40 mm product and remove all the fines at the same time,” England says. “All of these materials will be recycled into saleable concrete products.”

Durability & Reliability

The company has used McCloskey products for five years and is clearly a fan of the durability and reliability that is built into each McCloskey machine.

“They are well built and certainly stronger than the competition. I honestly can't give them anything but praise,” England continues. “Being able to process so many products at any one time is excellent, but with customers being so particular with the quality of recycled material, it is a pleasure to find the screened material is not just remarkably clean but very precise in size.”

England reports that it’s not just his customers that appreciate the benefits of the McCloskey equipment, and says that his machine operators and service personnel.

“What our operators like about the machines is that they are not complicated. They are simple to use and easy to operate. They are very user friendly, unlike some companies who feel that unless they reinvent the wheel with every new machine, they have somehow failed. Some of the computerised controls on competitive screening products are simply not necessary.”

However, even excellent equipment needs to be serviced and repaired, and it is here that McCloskey really comes into its own. “If we need any parts or a problem sorting, McCloskey is simply second to none. They have a really good response time, the best I've ever come across,” Dave England concludes. “I've never been let down on a service response.”