Diverse Applications

McCloskey machines are working in a number of industries, and new sectors everyday.

McCloskey Equipment for the Aggregate Industry

Aggregate Production

McCloskey R155 screening aggregates

McCloskey R155 screening aggregates.

For years, we have been working closely with those in the aggregates industry to develop the McCloskey product line so we really are the experts in equipment for the processing of crushed stone, gravel, recycled concrete, and sand.

Aggregate material can come from a number of sources. For example granite, limestone, and marble, are often mined from quarries. However with the advent of modern technology, more and more aggregates are being produced from recycled materials such as the concrete from construction or demolition waste.

This reuse has been made possible thanks to modern processing technology like the crushers and screeners supplied by McCloskey Equipment.

Aggregate Crushing Equipment

Before being sized into marketable grades, aggregate material must first be broken up using crushing equipment. There are different types of machine available for aggregate crushing, for example cone crushers, impact crushers, and jaw crushers. Each type of machine is best suited to producing different aggregate materials in different conditions.

Aggregate Screening Equipment

We can also recommend and supply screening plant equipment suitable for aggregates handlers. With a range of machine sizes - from the 2,600kg Mini Sizer to the 40,000kg R230 - McCloskey is the right choice for cotractors and plant hire firms as well.

If you would like to learn more about McCloskey aggregate equipment please have a look at our new equipment or contact a member of our team today.