Diverse Applications

McCloskey machines are working in a number of industries, and new sectors everyday.

McCloskey Equipment for Construction


The construction industry is no stranger to heavy plant. However as cities get smaller and architecture more ambitious, the need for intelligently designed machinery has become just as important as capacity.

Like all of our products, McCloskey crushers and screeners offer world leading productivity powered by award-winning design and engineering.

Crushers for Construction

Our world class range of mobile crushers give construction workers powerful, versatile crushing solutions suitable for a range of tasks.

Investing in a fuel-efficient, high performance crushing machine form McCloskey Equipment will allow you to make useful products quickly and effectively whilst also reducing waste costs.

Screeners for Construction

Practical, mobile screening equipment is also essential for certain construction projects, including road construction and maintenance, where reliability is critical. Having worked closely with the constructino industry for a number of years, McCloskey Equipment know that maneuverability is also very important, which is why we have developed compact machines as the McCloskey Mini Sizer and the McCloskey Kompaq.

If you would like know more about McCloskey crushing equipment for the construction industry, please contact us today.