Diverse Applications

McCloskey machines are working in a number of industries, and new sectors everyday.

McCloskey Equipment for Demolition

Demolition Equipment

Our range of powerful crushers is perfectly suited to a range of industries, including demolition.

McCloskey machines are available with a number of different optional features including overband magnet and side conveyor for removing metals, such as rebar, from crushed material.

Crushers for Demolition

Our class leading mobile crushers have been proven to provide an excellent return on investment in the demolition sector.

With years of experience working in demolition and as an active member of the NFDC, we are constantly involved within the industry and use our experience to tune our products and services to best meet customer needs.

Screeners for Demolition

Screening machines from McCloskey Equipment can also be used to increase operating efficiency by allowing customers to more effectively recycle and sell waste material.

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