Diverse Applications

McCloskey machines are working in a number of industries, and new sectors everyday.

McCloskey Equipment for Landscaping

Landscaping Equipment

Heavy landscaping regularly involves the processing of aggregates, soils and even solid waste such as tarmac, brick and concrete. Without the right equipment, this processing is time consuming and costly, meaning project delays and lower margins for your business.

That's where McCloskey equipment comes in to the picture - our efficient machinery works well in the landscaping industry to speed up projects and deliver more value.

We have worked with landscaping companies in the past and know that each one is different and each job unique so we know that our diverse range of crushing and screening equipment do the job every time.

With dwindling space available on site in urban areas, compact and lightweight landscaping machinery is often required, such as the McCloskey Kompaq which is ideal for navigating smaller spaces. When physical space is less of an issue our larger screeners will offer the highest output available.