Effective Partnership

We believe Hammel know their stuff when it comes to shredding waste materials. That's why we've partnered with with them to offer top quality shredding solutions to our customers in the UK.

Hammel shredders can be used standalone or as part of a larger operation. McCloskey can work with you to supply Hammel machines or design a complete recycling solution including shredders, crushers and screeners. Contact us today for more information.


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Hammel Shredders

The Hammel shredder is reliable equipment, because of the robust and clear construction. The use of high-grade steel and the installation of quality products provide you with the well-known HAMMEL standard. We put technical innovations directly into practice and guarantee the highest quality and the latest standard.

All Hammel products offer the same high standards:

  • High performance
  • Minimum dust generation
  • Low wear and tear
  • Very low noise
  • No projectiles
  • No fire hazard

Primary Shredders

In 1984 the first HAMMEL shredder was developed for shredding root stems. The wood waste recycling market has challenged us until today, so that our shredding technology has been adapted to meet today's demands and makes the HAMMEL shredder a leading primary shredder for all kind of wood in the recycling sector.

We rely on our years of excellence to find the most suitable shaft configuration for every customer and application.

Very low wear and tear and energy consumption as well as high performances are reached by sophisticated engineering and perfectly matching shafts.

Secondary Shredders

Together with a HAMMEL primary shredder, the secondary unit becomes an efficient complete system for the processing of large volume and bulky material to a grain size that allows a high quality processing. The optimal combination of low energy consumption and high efficiency is the center of attention to build an economical plant.

Contact us today to learn more about Hammel shredders.